Preserving the sport of fly fishing is a top priority here at Rise Fishing Co. From the beginning we have decided to donate a percentage of all our profits to help facilitate the conservation efforts of our heros in the field of fisheries conservation. What is fly fishing without our fish, and future fishermen?
       At Rise Fishing we feel that without a healthy fishery and the proper education, there would be no need for fly rods, so we have decided upon building this company that it is paramount to focus on fishery preservation and conservation. Rise Fishing has risen from the ideals of fly fishing guides across the country. We see how our fisheries have declined as well as they have been restored. It is our responsibility to preserve our sport, through education programs and charitable donations so we can fight to keep what we all love.
Over the years we will develop local programs across the country that will place the well needed funds towards preserving native species of fish, revitalize streams and rivers and help protect saltwater species that are quickly being reduced at alarming rates.

       For our first effort, Rise Fishing Co. is collaborating with Trout Unlimited to bring more children into their programs.
Trout Unlimited has 20 camps across the country that gives future young fishermen exposure to the sport of fly fishing. Without our future fishermen, our sport suffers. Many children cannot afford to go to these camps, so here at Rise we are sponsoring a  program that will enable qualified children to attend these camps and walk home with a fly rod.

We are working with the Bristol Bay Academy this year, donating fly rods to their students. They are training the region’s young people to explore careers as guides – so they might stay in the region, earn a prosperous living, advocate for the health of the watershed and offer visitors an authentic experience of one of our country’s most special natural places.

We have just started collaborating with Ken Johnson a Science and Math teacher from the Blaine Middle School to help him further his amazing program that teaches children to fly fish. Please read more.

With all of our help we can take fly fishing to the next level of responsibility. 

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Click here for more information on donating to Trout Unlimited Understanding.