The Rise Level Series Saltwater Fly Rods are made from IM-8 and IM-10 Graphite. This series got a slight makeover in 2012. The action that made these rods so popular stayed the same but there are a few cosmetic changes. Now all of the components are U.S.A made by REC. The rods all have a black anodized saltwater safe seat with over sized lightweight chrome guides. The fighting butt and cork handle are made from super grade cork with composite cork accents. The color of the Rise Level series rods are a rich blue with black wraps. All Level Series Fly Rods are 4 piece and come with a case and lifetime warranty.  

Model Length Line Action Sections Price Qty
90-5wt 9'0" 5 Fast 4 $299.99
90-6wt 9'0" 6 Fast 4 $299.99


90-7wt 9'0" 7 Fast 4 $299.99


90-8wt 9'0" 8 Fast 4 $299.99
90-9wt 9'0" 9 Fast 4 $299.99
90-10wt 9'0" 10 Fast 4 $299.99
90-12wt 9'0" 12 Fast 4 $249.99


90-14wt 9'0" 14 Fast 4 $199.99

9' 6wt
9’ 6wt – A fast action rod for heavier freshwater or light saltwater. Designed with a fighting butt and saltwater guides this rod is extremely versatile. It is a great rod for throwing big streamers and nymphs to large trout or small gotchas on the flats for schoolie bonefish.

9' 7wt
9’ 7wt – The 7wt rod will perform short casts with tight loops yet has enough backbone to punch flies in to the wind with accuracy. The rod also excels in throwing poppers to largemouth bass, presenting small shrimp flies to dock light snook and even nymphs to steelhead.

9' 8wt
9’ 8wt – The 8wt is designed for short quick shots yet has the backbone to throw a fly in to the wind with great accuracy. This is a great saltwater rod for sight fishing and other light saltwater action.

9' 9wt
9’ 9wt – The 9wt is a great in between rod for saltwater anglers. It can be used as a heavy sight fishing rod or for throwing 40 plus striper lines in the tough conditions of the northeast. All around a great choice for the angler looking for a rod to be used for multiple purposes.

9' 10wt
9’ 10wt - The Rise Level 10wt is a tough heavy duty saltwater rod that can handle the toughest fishing conditions. This rod gets the fly to the fish! A great fly rod for stripers, false albacore, permit or small tarpon.

9' 12wt
9’ 12wt – This fast action rod, throws a ton of line, while capable of taking down big fish fast. A great choice for big tarpon and small tuna

9' 14wt
9’ 14wt – With fore grip and longer fighting butt this rod is meant to be bent by big fish. A great rod for the ambitious angler looking to tangle with offshore species

9' 5wt
Folks were asking for a faster 5wt so we at Rise Fishing extended the Level Series line. Introducing the Level Series 5wt. This fly rod is the ultimate casting machine. Following the footsteps of its saltwater counterparts the 9' 5wt will tackle any windy river or big streamer situation. The rod is a rich dark blue, with a burled wood reel seat and nickle silver hardware. This is the first freshwater rod in the Level Series. Comes with a case and lifetime warranty

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