Fly Fishing nymphing rigs with light tippet

//Fly Fishing nymphing rigs with light tippet

Fly Fishing nymphing rigs with light tippet

Got together with a good friend and team mate Justin Pickett to hit some local water for a fun day of fishing. True to our nature we were soon in an impending challenge of who could land the fish of the day. I had broken my nymphing rod within minutes of gearing up, so I rigged up my trusty In-Stream 4wt. I dry droppered most of the day and picked up fish most everywhere. Justin nymphed and consistently caught larger fish, so I had to change my game plan. Re-rigged my rod with my nymph setup, and got to work. The supple tip of the In-Stream 4wt protects tippet very well, and using 6.5x TroutHunter tippet was not a problem. I landed several fish without any fear of tippet failure thanks to the soft tip flex of the rod. This is the type of rod IDEAL for small tippet and or light flies. You can keep good tension on the fish without over stressing the light line. See the results attached.

Throughout the day the fishing was fantastic and we both enjoyed the laid back rivalry that plagued our day. All in all, this is what fishing is all about, friends, great scenery, and awesome fish stories.

About the author, Ben Vandevender.
I have been fishing since I could walk. I am well versed with spin tackle on a multitude of species and game fish. I fell in love with fly fishing and rarely pick up conventional tackle any more. I love the challenge and art of the long rod. To me there is no greater reward than that of a fish caught on a well presented fly.

Chasing Trout across Georgia has been my passion, but I do enjoy warm water species as well. Bream and bass on light fly tackle can be a blast and just as rewarding. I have never been fishing any place that I could not admire the natural beauty around me. My passion for fly fishing is evident in my pursuit to help others appreciate this great sport. Fly fishing is so rewarding due to the mental and physical problem solving involved. I hope I can help many more people learn to appreciate this great sport and I encourage everyone to protect and conserve our natural resources.

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